Handmade rose engine sapele exotic wood ring bowl 6

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I turned this piece on my lathe right here in Fremont, CA, then used my hand-built rose engine to add the beautiful patterns that you see adorning the inside.

I know that "rose engine" isn't a term you hear a lot - it's fairly old tech, and it's tough to explain, but the gist of it is that I use a patterned disk to slowly rotate the bowl while I use a fast-spinning cutter to make the patterns you see here. Varying the pattern disk, the speed, and the indexing position of the rosette (pattern disc) make big differences in how the pattern turns out.

Please feel free to check out my Instagram @qbranchwoodworks to see this machine in action!

This small ring bowl is about 3.5" across and approximately 1.5" tall. It is supported on a small foot, which elevates it off the surface and draws attention to the patterns inside.

Works made with a rose engine are extremely rare and collectible, and it's uncommon to find them at affordable prices.

This dish was designed for the purpose of holding small, valuable objects, and being displayed proudly on a nightstand, desk, or table. It's a conversation-starter, a functional piece of one-of-a-kind art, and something designed to bring you joy with its use.