Rose engine bowls

Handmade with care and love.

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Beautifully crafted and built to last.

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These small boxes are designed with care to hold the things that you treasure.

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Utility and decorative pieces for home and hearth.

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Wanted to let you know: i received the bowl and Your work is outstanding! Beautiful Keep up the good work. Thank you!


Love this beautiful chocolate golden pen. The colors are rich and vibrant. One of those I saw it, I wanted it, I got it. I also got a custom made pen that was a beautiful blue and silver swirl with magnetic hardware. Love how the top pops on with the magnets and does not fall off when writing. Very Unique. Excellent customer service, very helpful, such an artistic talent. Mr. Bond showed me the progress along the way. It was awesome watching a masterpiece being created.


Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship! Such a special and unique piece. Made a wonderful gift that will give years and years of beautiful and enjoyable writing. Writes like a dream too. Thank you so much! Wonderful work!