I offer woodturning lessons and classes on a limited basis, by appointment only. 

Current courses

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Pen turning practicum

This class focuses on tool safety and is an excellent introductory course. We will make use of the drill press and the lathe, and each student will leave with a completed pen in their choice of material and finish. 

This course explores spindle turning, and builds essential safety and best-practices, which will become essential for larger projects in the future.


2 hours


Cost for this course is partially determined by the type of pen that you'd like to make.

Slimline pen: $65

Majestic Squire pen: $85

Majestic rollerball pen: $125

Majestic fountain pen: $145

Bowl turning introduction

In this introductory course, students will learn how to turn a small wooden bowl, including how to use roughing and bowl gouges. We will introduce sharpening techniques, tool safety, proper posture, and several methods of material removal. We will also touch on sanding and finishing techniques, how to avoid torn grain, and how to mount blanks safety to a lathe. The tools involved are the band saw, drill press, low-speed grinder, and the lathe. 


2 hours